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Hi everybody !
I'm a french girl of 20 years old!
What about me ?
I'm just a girl who loves to write ...
Fanfiction or just write on a pv ... I enjoy it!
I also love the johnnny's boy who make every days of my life shining. Since I knew them, i met a lot of really cool people !
They are the happiness I need =) My everything !
I also love k-pop and korean idol !
And my favorite hobby is drama ! Well... not the drama on the tv, but drama that we can play on stage (i hope i'm not wrong...! aha)
I began to learn japanese 1 year and something like 6 months ago. I really love this language and I hope one day i'll be able to speak japanese very well.
I'm not pretty good in english, that the reason why i do a lot of mistake ! But I do my best for improving my english !
I wish there are not too much mistakes (it'll be so shameful ...)and also with you'll enjoy my lj ^^ =)
Ja ne ;p